Roof Condition Certificates

The roof is one of the most critical components of a residential structure. Regardless of the climate, you need peace of
mind knowing that your roof can endure harsh weather conditions to protect your family and your belongings. This
inspection report can also be used for homeowner’s insurance purposes.

Everyone agrees that a new roof is a major investment, so why don’t we inspect the roofs on properties before we buy

Even those who choose a home inspection often don’t realize that a roofing inspection is not included. However,
with Inspection NOW, you can have both and move forward with your property purchase with confidence.

Our reports notify buyers of existing and potential issues, including:

  • Missing or loose roofing materials
  • Present materials and conditions
  • Ridges, caps, and drip edges
  • Security of drains, downspouts, and gutters
  • Flashing around the roof’s chimneys, pipes, vents, mounting, and valleys of HVAC units

If your future roof doesn’t need any repairs, we’ll give you our estimate of how many years are left for this roof’s
lifespan. If it does need some repairs, we’ll let you know. The seller can choose to perform the repairs. If they do,
we’ll inspect it again afterward and issue a roofing certification if it meets our standards.

From the age of the roof to the materials, we figure out exactly what you can expect. A new property is full of
surprises, but there’s no reason for them to be dangerous or costly. Whether you’re buying a new home or preparing to
move your business to a new location, Inspection NOW can help you do it with confidence. Get in touch with our team
today to schedule your next inspection.